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In the past couple of decades, Indian Film Industry especially Bollywood has been widely loved by the people of Uzbekistan. The various genres which touches the right nerves of emotions such as family passions intertwined with love dramas and tragedies have always been attracting the Uzbeks. Bollywood had so much craze in USSR from 60s to till 80s when Hollywood was banned because of cold war. There was a time when Countries like UZBEKISTAN, UKRAINE, TURKMENISTAN etc were part of Soviet region use to admire Bollywood and their actors. Initially Raj Kapoor became first Bollywood star to became so much popular in Soviet region followed by Amitabh bachchan then few movies of Mithun chakrabarty like Disco dancer. “Zita Va Gita”, famously known as “Seeta Aur Geeta” directed by Ramesh Sippy is a well known film and will forever remain native characters in the hearts of the Uzbek audience.

Uzbekistan and India have known each other for a long time, one has only to remember the joint feature film of “Alibaba Aur 40 Chor”, which collected a huge box office throughout the former USSR.

After many years, once again our country has put in efforts and initiative to plunge into the comedy genre in which there are chases, shootings and love passions.

The film “Hoichoi Unlimited”, is about four men plan to bring back the fun in their lives by planning a trip to Uzbekistan without informing their wives about it. However, their wives soon begin to suspect their intentions. This was once again a co-production between the producers from Tollywood industry “DEV Entertaiment Ventures” & “Illusion Pictures”, with the full support of the “Uzbekkino National Agency”, which made this project financially very successful for the Indian partner.

It is worth noting the warm welcome of the film and the many smiles that the authors of the project hoped for, as well as the stormy mouth of the tourist flow after the film was shown on the big screen in India, for which the producers of DEV intertaiment were awarded the prize for the development of tourism in the region.                                     

S. Kayumov