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We present to your attention a project that was destined to success at the Bollywood box office. Due to the Pandemic and a nation lockdown in India, the producers chose the path of releasing the film over a digital platform where it got accepted by all kind of audiences.

This film starring Vidyut Jammwal, was inspired by a true story writer-director Faruk Kabir stumbled upon while reading the newspaper. It was a small article but it stayed with him, and which is why he decided to make a film around it. The Research took around three months and another nine months for writing the script. Mr. Kabir feels hopeful that the emotional narrative of how far an engineer from Lucknow would go to save his wife, abducted in another country, will strike a chord with others too.

The story of a young family that was torn apart by a criminal cartel specializing in the sale of slaves to wealthy families. The main villain was to meet with a quiet computer boy who was nothing beyond the ordinary, and only a meeting with armed militants and submissive slaves transforms our hero, turning him into the Hulk filled with anger and rushing to free his beloved with his bare hands.

It is not for nothing that Uzbekistan was chosen after a long choice between many countries. The presence of a huge number of locations with a completely repeating silhouette of the Middle East, mixed with European historical monuments, made it possible to fully reveal 2003 without introducing a large number of VFX on the screen.

A dramatic action thriller with chases through the desert, tough and realistic fight scenes are intertwined with a detective plot, turning the whole story into a completely new kind of movie, Action Love is how we can characterize Khuda Haafiz.

S. Kayumov