Why illusion pictures?

Being in 2020, we are enthusiastically watching how it goes and looking forward to 2021, there is very little left and we can turn over this red period in our life.

Looking to the future, we make plans and conceive new projects, choose new partners for their implementation, in many ways it is a strong partner that creates a positive aura for creativity.

If you are planning a filming process in Uzbekistan of any size you will need the help of the only state Cinema Ministry called UZBEKKINO, which stands for Cinema of Uzbekistan.

UZBEKKINO is the state regulatory body and it also makes the necessary legal amendments to the legislation to promote the film industry and international cooperation.

It is the international cooperation to which Uzbekistan pays its close attention that allows many projects to be fully implemented without significant obstacles and delays.

UZBEKKINO and only UZBEKKINO issues permits for filming in the territory of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Karakalpakia, UZBEKKINO makes sure that the financial rivers of the project flow smoothly and can always come to the rescue in difficult times, however, UZBEKKINO is not an executing company as it is a State structure and you will have to interact with private companies.

We would like to note only one factor in choosing a new partner, in our opinion this factor is experience. It is experience that makes it possible to assess the complexity of the project, to approach from the right side and not overestimate your own strengths.

The ILLUSION PICTURES team has established itself as a strong and confident player in the filmmaking market, leadership has not come easy.

Starting with the smallest details, the ILLUSION PICTURES team had to punch the path to success on their own projects, but today we can confidently note that this is one of the best team of all existing on the market.

If not the best.

S. Kayumov