Great things happening from the very start of 2023. SCO film festival opened with spectacular ceremony on 27th of January. Once again bringing filmmakers from India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China and other countries together.

The festival was held for five days and during that time 57 films were presented 14 of which were nominated for awards during Competition. For a non-competition part films were presented in several categories such as:
SCO Country focus. Films that act as a bridge between the cultures of Shanghai Cooperation Organization members.
Director focus. Films that were made by a famous director from a well-known director from SCO country, who contributes to the heritage of the Country.
Children focus. Films that educate and entertain young audience.
Short films. Films that do not exceed 20 minutes.
And Indian restored classics.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization film festival aims acts as a bridge between cultures of SCO and gives opportunities for synergies and cooperations in fraternity. We are incredibly exited for opportunities it wil bring to the table.