We believe in providing a technical base that can nurture and embody your creative vision.

Illusion Pictures works with some of the world’s major manufacturers of filming equipment. We are constantly renewing our best practices to stay updated with the trends in filmmaking.

In terms of lighting systems, we have got you covered with an entire fleet of ARRI lights: Daylight and warm light, soft, modern panels with RGB capabilities for total control of light.

The most important factor of the film-making process on set is the camera. It is this piece of vital equipment that brings imagination to life. For this, we have at your service: ARRI ALEXA MINI, ARRI ALEXA SXT, RED DRAGON, cameras in alliance with ARRI ULTRA PRIME lenses, ZEISS COMPACT PRIME, LOMO SUPERSPEEDS, LOMO ANAMORPHICS and many more.

Life is movement, and film captures the beauty of this motion. You will have access to PANTER cinema dolly’s such as PANTER EVOLUTION, PANTER HUSKY plus ABC and PANTER cranes. In addition to classic devices, we are also pleased to offer you electronic and mechanical stabilizers of movements ARRI ARTEMIS , MOVI PRO and DJI RONIN 2.

Breathtaking aerial footage is an interesting addition to modern imagery. We have a state-of-the-art DJI INSPIRE 2 kit with every possible accessory and license you can imagine. Bring your greatest fantasy onto the screen and enthrall your audience!

During the process of film-making, it is of utmost importance that the film crew have their needs met. To fulfill this, we have technical vehicles that are designed to provide a comfortable temperature regime and easy access to equipment. Our company has a modest but modern fleet of vehicles to put you at ease, and give you an enjoyable experience.