national agency uzbekkino

Shukhrat Rizaev

Uzbekkino First Deputy General Director / Head of Censor Board

Dear filmmakers

We are delightful to see your interest in filming in our beautiful country, Uzbekistan.

My name is Mr. Shukhrat Rizaev, and I’m the “First Deputy General Director” and «Head of censor board» of UZBEKKINO, a ministry that is responsible to handle and commission filming process for both our local and International Producers so that we can provide them a smooth journey while filming in Uzbekistan.

For many of you, our country does not need an introduction, but for those who hear about it for the first time, I can briefly tell you about one of the most mysterious Asian countries that you will never remain indifferent to. Having been nestled at the heart of the Silk Road in ancient times, Uzbekistan has witnessed the amalgamation of art, culture, and ideas for many centuries. Today this beautiful country stands with its doors open for explorers to discover its intricate secrets.

The Republic of Uzbekistan was founded back in 1917 during the Russian Revolution and became part of the USSR to which it was in the flesh until 1991.

Having gained independence, the country took a course towards opening borders and interacting with neighboring countries in various fields.

Cinema art, ballet, theaters, museums, all the cultural heritage of Uzbek culture spread to the territory of Central Asia and bore fruit, the population of Uzbekistan numbers dozens of different nations with all sorts of their own traditions and foundations.

The culture of Uzbekistan is filled with many trends, subcultures and national traditional influences, among all this many facets I would like to dwell on cinema separately.

This is one of the most interesting and profound in the field of arts, it carries a huge influence on the masses, encourages them to action and naturally cannot but attract so it is one of the most spectacular.

You can endlessly discuss how the film industry and cinema are intertwined with our lives, but definitely stop at one thing – Cinema is what unites us all.

Once again Welcome to Uzbekistan.